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What is CTS peer supporting program?

Having complicated questions on recent assignments? CTS peer supporting program provides you an industry-leading peer academic supporting program. From the area of computer science to advanced field of aviation maintenance, CTS provides you with guaranteed satisfaction.

Is the program competitive?

Organized by two gifted high school students, the program is extremely selective and takes into consideration not only the quality of your application but also the future insights of one individual student, with an acceptance rate of 2.8% and an average SAT score of 1470. Again, successfully applied to the program isn’t going to guarantee the success in college application.

How are the students selected?

Unfortunately, our application procedure is not publicly available, but we can make it clear that we take all aspects of a student into consideration.

Having more question? Contact our application support via Phone at +1 (321) 237-1357, Privacy Conditions will apply.